Mary Ann Bridge


The gallery, the journey, the artist... The photographer, Mary Ann Bridge.

Pulling light through her lens at the speed of 1/2000th of a second she captures motion.  Whether shooting the emerging life glowing in the face of an infant or the tired, deeply-carved roadways of time etched in the faces of the old; be it the struggling hover of a gull caught in the fury of a winter storm or the majestic micro-second thrust of a Great Egret braking for a landing; lifting the glamour from a model in the zenith of her career or unlocking the mystery of a snowcapped mountain range settled in white silence after the niImage1 Photo: Floyd Moody, AAP ght's blizzard; when you look, if you look, you will see that she has captured motion . . . always.

Through her own core perception she shows us myriad expressions of anger, pain, joy, fear, life, death, arrogance -  raw images of truth labeled by the endless choreography of destiny; time and space stopped, recorded by the slight touch on her shutter release; life brought to life; the soul unmasked.

Her lens reaches in and pulls out beauty through a dedicated conquest over technology and style.  Her images are a portrayal of her delicate vision of the courage of life; unaltered gifts laid before her with honor and hope, without doubt or question of acceptance or failure of understanding; gifts brought before her lens, her eyes, accepted in humility and gratitude with respect to the giver and a promise to her own integrity to show her subjects as they wish to be seen.

This is her photography.  It speaks for itself.  Photography should never be about the photographer; photography is about the subject.  Her sight is a gift; her steady hand is a gift; her depth of color perception is a gift; these tools she uses to search, discover, portray - to tell a story in depth to those who want to listen, who want to know through their own vision.

These are her images.  It is a complex world of trust between the photographer and the subject.  There is no way to teach it or to learn it.  It's the touch of love; a gift that great photographers share.

Mary Ann lives and works in Southern California.  Photography has been her faithful companion throughout life.  She works fast and hard, putting the same effort and intensity into a simple, static subject as she does into the face of a stranger who no longer feels that they photograph well.  Her expertise in photo touchup is unrivaled, having spent 13 years at the computer working her magic in Photoshop.

She's playful, serious and loves to shoot everything; she sees what the rest of us miss. She's a master at the art of capture and she's a natural.

Her awareness of what she shoots is almost infallible.  Photographed by her, her subjects remain bound to her by a two-way loyalty that involves giving and gratitude on both sides.  Within every species she photographs, the relationship is humble, safe, loving and respectful.

This is her art, her journey, her photography.
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